We serve customers operating, for example, in the following markets:
  • Education
  • Financial, banking
  • Medical, biotechnology
  • Civil engineering
  • B2C with large customers base

Cloud architecture

We provide a robust expertise in cloud architecture, site reliabity and security, with a particular focus on:
  • AWS services
  • Kubernetes cluster
  • ArgoCD GitOps
  • Grafana & Prometheus monitoring
  • Autoscaling
  • ElasticSearch & Kibana


We promote and master the following technologies:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • Keycloak
  • PWA
  • React/React Native
  • Databases

Available ready-to-use solutions

We have a number of ready-to-use solutions, in the following sectors:

  • Restaurant and deli online sales, booking and delivery, including credit card payment
  • Private emailing and marketing system
  • Online booking system with related mobile application
  • Online shopping presence with mobile application
  • Investment fund and assets management solution
  • Antispam technology suite

All these solutions can easily be customized and adapted to specific needs, offering extremely quick development times and competitively price options compared to building from scratch.

Contact us to discuss about your specific needs.


Some of our skills include:
  • Payment integration:
  • Hosting: AWS, OVH, DigitalOcean, ...
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Data intensive applications

Customers testimonials

Emmanuel a créé notre site et application. C'est une personne professionnelle à l'écoute de ses clients. Il est de très bon conseil sur le choix des technologies, des partenariats et des fonctionnalités. Je le recommande fortement et pense le rappeler pour d'autres projets. Merci Emmanuel. Sébastien Clavier. (France)

Emmanuel a beaucoup de qualités. Il est attentif aux demandes de ses clients et très humain dans ses relations. Avec beaucoup de compétences, il est autant capable de créer un cahier des charges que d'exécuter une mission. Le plus appréciable, c'est qu'il est force de proposition. C'est un régal de travailler avec lui comme partenaire, que fournisseur. Eric Chauvin (France)

Emmanuel est un développeur passionné, expert dans son domaine, réactif et très impliqué dans ses projets. Toujours en phase avec les avancés technologiques, il sait nous guider et nous proposer les meilleures solutions pour notre application mobile et cela, avec toujours beaucoup de bienveillance. Nous avons beaucoup de chance d'avoir Emmanuel à nos côtés dans le développement de Save Eat et nous le recommandons sans aucune hésitation ! Dorothée Bessière (France)

Excellent travail d'Emmanuel ! Rapide et efficace ! Gillen Giamochipi (France)

Unique service to startups

No-cash prototyping

We have developed a unique prototyping and MVP service for startups for which cash availability is often an issue before the concept can be proven.

Talk to us about your great and innovative idea: if you can convince us this is going to be a business success, we will work with you to create the MVP required by your investors, at no initial cost.

Because there is no such as a free lunch, we will charge you for our developement work, but only after you will have enough cash in hands to pay the bill.

Until then, you will be entitled with an exclusive usage of the developed MVP to research your market and sign up your first customers but we will retain ownership and industrial property on the product until the project invoice has been fully paid.

Our latest references

Groupe AD Education is the European leader in creative online education.
We have fully architectured, implemented and manager the complete cloud solution for hosting the AD Education group new online education solution.
Decidim Decidim is the reference digital platform for citizen participation used by a large number of government offices.
We have participated in the integration, customization and deployment of the solution for a major city authority in France.
Covidtrack is a geolocated COVID-19 tracking application used for post-vaccination evaluation.
We have developed the entiere fullstack solution, with a Ruby on Rails backend and a Flutter frontend (PWA web app).
confidential online paramedical service booking platform and PWA.
We have developed the entiere fullstack solution, with a Ruby on Rails backend and a Flutter frontend (PWA web app).
LocalTerroir is a French initiative to promote regional producers.
We have developed the entiere fullstack solution, with a Ruby on Rails backend and a Flutter frontend (PWA web app).
WELCOMECASH is a crowdfunding platform for businesses
We have developed the entiere fullstack solution, including integration of payment solutions with leading institutions such as Banque de France, LemonWay and MangoPay
SaveEat is a world leader in food saving education
We have developed the entire backend and mobile application (Android & iOS)
Ecole Tu Me Manques is a relief teaching support platform developed during the COVID-19 crisis.
We have developed the entire solution
This initiative has received support from DigitalOcean with a contribution to the COVID-19 Relief Fund and has provided teaching support to more than 2'000 students.
Kapp10 Digital services for endurance sports actors.
We have developed essential generators for application integration in third-party customers website
E-Engineer is a complex online and realtime application for civil engineers. It allows for calculations of metallic structures, solders and other engineering models.
We have developed the entiere fullstack solution

About us

CLC Advisory was founded by Emmanuel Cohen-Laroque.
With more than 30 years of industry combined, we are located in Bordeaux, France.

Do not hesitate in contacting us on reference